Los  grupos alimenticios

Past Progressive


Past Tense


Food groups
E.g. Fruit and vegetable; milk, cheese and yogurt group; bread, cereal, rice and pasta group; fat, oils and sweets group; meat, poultry, fish, dry bean, egg and nuts group…


Human actions: plant trees, throw garbage, mining, agriculture. Environmental practices: reducing carbon print, recycle, waste. 


Illness/ eating disorders: bulimia, overweight, obese/ obesity, anorexia

Clasifica los  alimentos según su grupo.


Identifica acciones ambientalistas.


Entiende lo que es un desorden alimenticio


Comprende las estructuras en tiempo pasado del inglés. 


Acuerdo y desacuerdo a través de la escritura

E.g. Many, much, some, any, none, a lot of, lots of, little, a little, few, a few…

Expressions to describe human actions for the environment: save the whales, recycling paper saves the trees in forest, using plastic bottles as planters is a good idea

Consumerism: buy and sell, over packaging, disposable income, fashion, technology.


Expressions to introduce a subject: today I will talk about, good morning, my purpose today is…


Parts of the speech (kind of words) 
E.g. Verb, adjective, noun, conjunction, adverb…

Words to express agreement or disagreement: like, similar as, same in the same way, the same as similarly, as well as,
although, yet, while, instead, unless, unlike, on the contrary, contrary to… 


Prepositions of movement and position
E.g. Around, through, across…

Escribe párrafos con sentido completo.


Crea oraciones y párrafos simples 


Los inventos que solucionan problemáticas 

Present Perfect


E.g. Telephone, computer, airplane, light bulb…

Expressions to suggest/ show a solution: If … then, Whether or not…, I have a proposal (to make), I would like to put forward a proposal (formal).

Nombra algunas invenciones importantes en la historia de la humanidad.


Puede relacionar la estructura del presente perfecto con vocabulario diverso.


Animales en vía de extinción

Future (be going vs will)


Endangered animals
E.g. Panda, polar bear, pink dolphin, Bengal tiger, Andean condor, orangutan, corals, rhinoceros…

Conservation: Protect, preserve, avoid, save. Animals, oceans/land, plants. Natural resources. Global warming.

Expressions to develop content: moving on to my next point,  now, let me move to my second point. 


Modal verbs (must, should) 

Conoce el nombre de algunos animales que están en peligro de extinción


Realiza oraciones utilizando las estructuras del futuro


Describe diversas situaciones en relación con los animales que están en vía de extinción o que ya han desaparecido.

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